09 June 2008

A WICKED SNOW - Gregg Olsen

Talk about your twisty turny suspense novels! All very unexpected twists even when one expects surprises at each turn (since it's a suspense novel and all).
Hannah Griffin has struggled her whole life to put her childhood behind her. Tragedy with loss of family and home remain buried in her memories and she is doing her best to keep it that way. Until someone begins sending messages from her past.
Nothing and no one is what it seems. Just as a well written suspense thriller novel should be.
We are enjoying having the author lead the book discussion on's Suspense and Thriller group. All participants, Gregg Olsen included I think, are getting a lot of good insight. Love when the authors join in!!

A WICKED SNOW gets a very shivery four beans!


Anonymous said...

I totally loved this book too! Great writer. I have his second book on the way.

Vickie said...

J Kaye: I will totally be looking for more of Gregg Olsen.

Mary said...

Congrats to the graduate!!! Love the pic :~)

BritGal' Sarah said...

I like the new 'blue' look and your tiny grad' over there :-)

Gregg Olsen said...

V - thanks for the four cool beans!

Vickie said...

Mary and Sarah: Thanks for the compliments, especially the Lady K ones. = )

Gregg: I can't wait to read more of your books. This was a humdingah.