21 June 2008

Book Roast Blog Cranium's Up....

Thanks J Kaye! Excellent cranium's up for the following fun blog:

Welcome to Book Roast!
Each week we're open for business, Book Roast cooks up five authors from different genres. Stop by to hear about their books, jump in the oven and poke them with a meat thermometer to see if they're done.If you haven't dined with us before, you'll find contest ingredients and other information in the sidebar. Ready? Then find a seat and let's get started!Your menu selections for June:

Weirdly, Bernita Harris - June 23
Souvenir, Therese Fowler - June 24
Head Case, Dennis Cass - June 25
The Roofer, Erica Orloff - June 26
Queen of the Road, Doreen Orion - June 27

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Grand Opening!!
The Book Roast team is open for business!Grab a brew.Cruise around.Have some fun!Anyone who announces the opening of Book Roast on his/her blog will be eligible for fun prizes --gifts from Dubai, gift certificates from Amazon, a nicely salted copy of "Lottery," miscellaneous items from the back of our kitchen cabinets (we spare no expense!).Leave a comment to this post to let us know you'll be posting an announcement. Now until midnight Saturday, Eastern U.S. time. Five random winners will be chosen on Sunday.

Intrigued?? Go to and see the hubbub...bub!


ChrisEldin said...

I heart anyone who lives in Colorado.

Thanks for the shout out regarding Book Roast!!!
Hope to see you there!

Bernita said...

Thank you so much for coming by and the MaxLite Lux!