25 June 2008


When in doubt, I go to J D Robb and hang with Eve Dallas and Roarke for a while. The series is mostly mind candy with an edge of thrill. I enjoy the tough cop Eve with her reluctant softening heart that she has thanks to her relationship with Roarke. Eve takes each murder personally and 'stands for the victim' as she puts it. It's her calling, not just her job.
Roarke is the richest guy in the worlds. Not a typo, in the future, there are populated worlds, not just Earth. And Roarke is hugely the richest guy in all of them. He's smart and a definite match for Eve.
Eve catches the murder case of nice rich guy and she almost immediately knows who the killer is, but the whole book is about her team gathering the evidence. It's a super read and a definite good time getting to the satisfying end.
....IN DEATH series....A very nice addiction. Four beans!

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