08 June 2008

TWILIGHT - Stephenie Meyer

I was both looking forward to reading this and sort of hesitant. I love reading well written vampire books and I had heard a lot of talk about this book and series. I was also hesitant because I had heard a lot of talk about this book and series.
I liked it, even with the leaning toward the romance side as opposed to more of the vampire side. It is first a story about a relationship between Bella, teenage human, and Edward, a vampire who has been a teenager for 90 years.

I like how the story developed of Bella moving to Forks,Washington to live with her father (small town chief of police), her first day at school and meeting Edward with his immediate reaction of what seems dislike to Bella. She is appalled as well as intrigued.
I could identify with the wonderfully written awkwardness that is the teenage years in high school. Yes, it was lo these many years, but there are some things one doesn't forget....the boys who like you and wish they didn't and the boys you wish did like you, but don't. The girls you can't figure why they are so filled with animosity towards you. The classes and school work are all secondary to the soap opera life that is high school. Stephenie portrays this in a very real light, even with vampires in the mix.

This is a book and series aimed at a young audience, but anyone who likes a well written story will enjoy.
Four beans!


Mary said...

Vickie, I agree that Meyer really captures the high school emotional roller coaster perfectly. I enjoyed the start of the Edward-Bella romance. It was such a departure for me - ya book AND vampires (albeit humane vampires, lol). I agree with the 4 beans rating :~)

Vickie said...

Mary: I am looking forward to seeing their relationship grow. I like the way Stephenie describes the vampire lore in this book. Each author has a different take, some well done and some not so much. Stephenie does a wonderful portrayal.