26 June 2008

BONE THIEF - Thomas O'Callaghan

BONE THIEF could have been a better book. I almost gave up on it, but went back. The author likes shortcuts and I have a longer attention span than he was giving his reader credit for. It was a very intriguing storyline, with the serial killer making his presence known and the rest of the book was for the cops to try and catch him. I can only hope that O'Callaghan was not trying to make us feel sorry for the bad guy. The back story was a horrific upbringing for the killer as a boy, but he seems to know what he's doing now and that it's wrong to do, but he likes it and will continue. No pity from this reader. I am, however, glad that the boy got his revenge on the truly horrendous parents.
There is a romance that gets in the way of the story, too. I am not averse to romance in thrillers and suspense novels, but this one seemed gratuitous.
All that said, I will read one more of this author and hope it redeems him in my eyes. He had a very good story idea and went astray somewhere along the line.
3 beans for the good story idea and that I will read the author again.

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