19 June 2008

INDUSTRIAL MAGIC - Kelley Armstrong

Rockin' cool addition to a rockin' cool series. INDUSTRIAL MAGIC is a fab read, with everything you want in a paranormal mystery...witches, warlocks, vamps, werewolves.....just a good read all the way around. I like this series for many reasons. The best is that it centers around a group of paranormal folks and is narrated (sort of) by strong female characters and not the same ones in each book. This one centers around Paige Winterbourne who was featured in DIMESTORE MAGIC, my intro to this author and this series. Paige is a witch whose mother has died and leaves her as leader of the American Coven of Witches...she is pretty much promptly fired from the post for her forward way of thinking. She is also left in charge of a young witch, who happens to be the daughter of a Cabal leader (think Mafia mob boss). Paige is seeing the son of said Mob...I mean Cabal...boss and is trying to help find the killer of teen children of the various Cabal families.
The book brings in characters who have been centrally featured in other books in the series and this makes for an almost 'coming home' kind of feel. At least to me.
This gets a very enthusiastic four beans!

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