01 June 2008


DEATH AND THE JOYFUL WOMAN - Ellis Peters, BOT, so-so, like her Brother Cadfael series better
HEX MARKS THE SPOT - Madelyn Alt, MPB, magical cozy series that rocks
TRIPTYCH - Karin Slaughter, MPB, O M G good thriller!
WHISKEY SOUR - J.A. Konrath, MPB, very very good funny mystery suspense series
TULAROSA - Michael McGarrity, BOT, short & intense start of what looks to be fab mystery series
THE GOLDEN COMPASS - Philip Pullman, TPB, very very good adventure series start
SHOOTING GALLERY - Hailey Lind, MPB, super cozy Art Lovers Mystery series
DEAD MAN'S BONES - Susan Wittig Albert, MPB, love this herbal mystery series
THE WOODS - Harlen Coben, TPB, not great but good enough to finish
LITTLE BITTY LIES - Mary Kay Andrews, TPB, good story, but HISSY FIT will remain my favorite of MKA for now
SWIMMING WITHOUT A NET - MaryJanice Davidson, MPB, GOOD paranormal funny cozy series
SKYDOG: THE DUANE ALLMAN STORY - Randy Poe, HB, Rock on!! Amazing!
PINK FLAMINGO MURDERS - Elaine Viets, MPB, not so more of this series, life is too short
Books this month: 11
Audiobooks this month: 2 (listened too long on 2 or 3 not so interesting BOTs to get more than this in this month)
Total books for the year so far: 60


BritGal' Sarah said...

Bowing down in awe ;-)

Vickie said...

And a curtsy in acknowledgement....
= >

Mary said...

Another good month for you, Vickie! I finished Twilight this morning. Really enjoyed it - humane Vampires... WHO KNEW??? The movie comes out in December.

Vickie said...

Mary: I am looking forward to the movie. The book is really good! I love the varying vampire stories that are out there. Mean ones, nice ones, ornery, sweet....all types.

Anonymous said...


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