05 June 2008

ALL TOGETHER DEAD - Charlaine Harris

Charlaine Harris has done it again with a fab favorite of mine series. I love well written mysteries, vampire stories, paranormal...and this series has all three. ATD is #7 in the Southern Vampire series, starring Sookie Stackhouse, everyone's favorite mind-reading bar server.
The series continues to grow in character and storyline, becoming darker with each book.
Sookie has been growing in importance to the paranormal world of vampires and weres, especially to the vampire Queen of Louisiana. This time Sookie has been hired to accompany the Q of L to the north to a summit where the Queen will stand trial for the murder of her husband, the King of Arkansas.
The characters all have 'normal' issues, along with the paranormal ones. Relationships gone awry, blooming romance, business dealings (shady and otherwise) along with dealing murder, terrorism.
I know all of this sounds awfully silly, but when you read any book of the series, it becomes worthy of attention.

This gets four beans.


Mary said...

So, do you think this would be a logical direction from the Twilight series for me to go? LOL. Four beans is pretty good from you!!

Vickie said...

Mary: Since you like the TWILIGHT series, I think you would like Southern Vampire series. It's a weensy bit more in-your-face with the vampire and prey, were and prey, etc, but I really like it. It's very character driven and I love how strong Sookie is with all that she goes through. If you have a used bookstore available or can find them used somewhere, try the first one, DEAD UNTIL DARK. Then you're not out much $$ if you find you don't like it.
My two other favorite series by Charlaine Harris are the Lily Bard series (Shakespeare's...). It takes place in Shakespeare, Arkansas. Not paranormal at all, very mystery oriented. The other is the Harper Connelly series. That one is a wee bit paranormal, as Harper has a sense of finding lost dead people and how they died.

Mary said...

Thanks for the suggestions. They've been added to the "books to look for at the used bookstore" list!

____Maggie said...

I'm sorry you did not win the Name your Homeplace contest. It was a random drawing. And, I know that sucks b/c your name is awesome.

But, I have a Haiku contest going and this book qualifies since it is set in the south and written by a southern author. One may enter as many times as they write Haikus. Just a thought - the contest ends tomorrow.

Vickie said...

Maggie: All of the names were cool. Thanks, though. I like random drawings. You have a very fun challenge going.