17 June 2008

GOOSE IN THE POND - Earlene Fowler

GOOSE IN THE POND is a nice addition to the Benni Harper cozy mystery series. Not one of my favorites, but it does add some dimension to Benni and Gabe's relationship and introduces Gabe's son, Sam. The bad guys seemed a wee bit forced into the picture, but the overall story was good. I like the setting of Central California. I was stationed in the area and met DH there, so reading this series is like going back to a nice place of San Celina, which I am thinking is based on San Luis Obispo.
Except for all of the murder that goes on in this nice college town.....A woman is found in the lake in the park. She is dressed as Mother Goose. She is a citizen of the town and one of the storytellers for the upcoming festival. Benni once again finds herself drawn into the mystery and wants to help her husband, Gabe, the chief of police. And because she is the police chief's wife, the bad guys think she knows more than she actually does and they try to silence her. This addition to the Benni Harper mystery series gets three beans.


Anonymous said...

"Except for all the murder that goes on, this is a nice town." LOL! Somehow, that reminded me of how I felt about Cabot Cove in the "Murder She Wrote" TV series.

Sounds like an interesting read . . .

Vickie said...

Kay: It is funny how people keep living in San Celina and they didn't go running when they saw Jessica Fletcher on their doorstep.