07 June 2008


Very very CUTE start to a cozy mystery series! I think this is going to be a good series. It's one of the few times in the history of my reading of cozies that the reason for the main character/s to get started investigating the murders and mayhem. I really don't mind when it doesn't actually make sense, I just go along for the fun ride or just the regular ride.
This one is a fun ride.
Annie and Eve are best friends since forever, living in Washington DC area. Annie is a bank teller and nice and tidy...and miserable since signing the divorce papers from her pewp-cranium ex-husband who left her for the hot chick attendant at his dry cleaners. Eve is Eve.....former beauty queen, always able to charm whatever she needs from just about anyone. Except her ex who is the detective who is investigating the murders that Annie and Eve keep stumbling upon after beginning cooking class.
It's silly, funny, and warm. Perfect cozy material. More please.
Four beans!!

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Anonymous said...

LOL - Love that cover...and those faces. Great artwork.