15 January 2008


SWEEET! I finished two books today! It happens that way sometimes. Finished BLIND DESCENT - Nevada Barr BOT on the way home from work. It was very good and easy to get into. Nevada Barr makes you feel like you are the one going through the experience and Barbara Rosenblatt is the perfect narrator. Anna Pigeon is the main character of the series and her murder solving is believable. It's not like when Jessica Fletcher shows up on you doorstep and you just want to run away screaming since murder follows her. No, Anna Pigeon goes for at least a year or two and different national parks before murder shows. I like that she is a flawed person and I love her sister Molly and the relationship the two of them have.

The other book finished today was THE MONKEY'S RAINCOAT - Robert Crais. I was going to read and finish while on the recumbent bike, but I thought better of it when I got home from work. I took advantage of the quiet house and changed into (theoretical) workout clothes and snuggled under the fleece blanket on the spare bed in the Candy Room and read for an hour and finished the book. It was another very good read and a good intro to Elvis Cole and Joe Pike. I have read other books in the series and really enjoyed them. Robert Crais' writing has developed wonderfully through the years, but this first one was a great read, if a little rough. I love the humor of Elvis and stoicism of Pike. More please!

So now I am listening to Jeff Lindsey - DEXTER IN THE DARK that has been waiting since November for me to get to it. And I will continue with DEAD GIRL'S DANCE: Morganville Vampires Vol 2 - Rachel Caine for my next purse book.

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