02 January 2008

I Resolve.....

For 2008, I resolve to keep better track of my challenges I join!! Books I read in the challenges, links to the challenges, and whatever else I can think of for said challenges.
I was lured into joining a few in 2007 and highly enjoyed them all. However, once the challenge was finished, I deleted the entries from my sidebars....for my own good reason at the time of making room for more of my ramblings. I will now find a way to keep track of all of (what I said in the first sentence).
I just now saw my book buddy Joy's blog of her year end wrap-up for 2007 and I just shook my cranium at how organized she is. She kept all of her info available at her fingertips. I vow now (brown cow) to attempt to do the same.

So sworn by my hand on this 2nd day of January!

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