28 January 2008


SCHNIEKEES! What a ride this book was. The reader almost immediately knows who the killer is, but you just don't care! You want to stay with it to see how they get him. And it's not like you think.
Frank Clevenger, the main character, the 'good' guy, is a forensic psychologist with issues of his own. He's a wannabe recovering alcoholic, he has an adopted son he is trying to be there for and unsure how to go about it. The son is damaged and does his best to push Frank away. They are like magnets who connect then repel.
I read DENIAL, the first in the series, several months ago. It didn't take me long to acquire more of Ablow's books, but it took me awhile to work up the courage to read another of them. I will read more of the series and look for his nonfiction works, too.

Highly recommend if you like a thrill ride.


Joy said...

WOW! So glad to read that you loved this one. I read Denial in 2004. Maybe I should revisit this series sooner rather than later. :)

BTW ~ Love the new look!

Vickie said...

Joy: Thanks, I like playing with the backgrounds, even with my limited abilities. = )
You recommended DENIAL and I thoroughly dug it. I have a few more on the shelf, but will have to wait to get back to them.

Scrappy Kay said...

Vickie, I've seen a Dr. Keith Ablow on Fox News from time to time . . . is this the same guy as the author of the book? Any idea on that?

Love your blog!

Joy said...

I just looked this up and The Architect is the 6th in this series. Were you aware of that?

Vickie said...

Kay: I think it's the same guy. He is a psychologist in 'real life' as well as an author.

Joy: Yep, I knew it was way down there in the series. I tend to do that, I don't read in order or I get frustrated when I can't find the next one. Sometimes the story is enough.

Vickie said...

Kay: He writes psychology books, too, so must be the same dude.

Vickie said...

Joy: I do have PROJECTION on Mt Git'r'Read, that's the second in the series. Maybe a March read.

ed said...

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