03 January 2008

And Another Challenge Rises...Raises...??

So, here we go again. Dagnabbit Joy!!! Chunkster Challenge...who can resist that title??
Some possibles from Mt Git'r'Read:

City of Masks - Daniel Hecht, 464 pages
Twilight - Stephenie Meyer, 498 pages (already on TBR Challenge and First in Series Challenge)
Book of Air and Shadows - Michael Gruber, 466 pages (already on TBR Challenge)
Hood - Stephen Lawhead, 496 pages (could very well make it to First in Series Challenge)


Anonymous said...

Stopping by to wish you the best of luck in our Blog 365 adventure!

Also, have you heard about the TBR Challenge?

Vickie said...

J Kaye: Oh sweetie....yes, I have indeed heard of the TBR Challenge. It's one of the five or six or seven I've joined. I am looking forward to all of them.