10 January 2008

Book progress....

I am on tape 5 of 9, side 1 BLIND DESCENT - Nevada Barr in the vehicle, I finished JUDGEMENT OF THE GRAVE - Sarah Stewart Taylor last night while Lady K played her games on my laptop. I started the newest purse book, ILL WIND - Rachel Caine. This is the first book in her Weather Warden series and I am already diggin' it. I didn't read anything last night in bedside book, DEATH'S ACRE - Dr Bill Bass and Jon Jefferson, due to not feeling so whooptee-doo. I'm feeling bettah.
I'll get some listening time in today with the back and forth driving of Boulder to work and back to Boulder back to work and back to Boulder. I am looking for the silver lining, glass is half full thing and being able to listen to the lovely Barbara Rosenblatt read me a story is that silver lining.

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