31 January 2008

January 2008 Reads

CHANGELING - Yasmine Galenorn, MPB, good paranormal, get all of this series!
SHADOW DIVERS - Robert Kurson, TPB, So good and I am not always a fan of nonfiction
JUDGEMENT OF THE GRAVE - Sarah Stewart Taylor, MPB, Good!
ILL WIND: WEATHER WARDEN Book One - Rachel Caine, MPB, Super good!
BUBBLES ALL THE WAY - Sarah Strohmeyer, BOT, not my fave, but good
THE MONKEY's RAINCOAT - Robert Crais, MPB, Good series Start, love that Elvis Cole!
BLIND DESCENT - Nevada Barr, BOT, very very good. Felt like I was right there in the claustrophobic spaces
DEAD GIRLS' DANCE: Morganville Vampires Book 2 - Rachel Caine, MPB, Supah dupah!!
THE ARCHITECT - Keith Ablow, MPB, humdingah!
DEXTER IN THE DARK - Jeff Lindsey, BOCD, #3 is #1
THYME OF DEATH - Susan Wittig Albert, MPB, super cozy start of series

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