24 January 2008

Slooooowly I by page.....

I can't seem to find the time required to read as much as I would like. I am working out on the elliptical these days instead of the recumbent bike, so no reading THE ARCHITECT - Keith Ablow there. Meetings or errands are taking longer, so no early to home to get in reading that way. Too flippin' sleepy to read at night. I did wake early this morning and read a chapter in CITY OF MASKS - Daniel Hecht. This has just been a slow reading kind of week.
I at least have my 50 mile RT commute for work, so quickly making my way through BOCD DEXTER IN THE DARK - Jeff Lindsay. I could finish early next week, depending how the weekend goes. I'd like at least one more book completed for January, especially if I want to keep on track for the 100 Book Challenge for 2008 on Shelfari.
So many books, so little time....

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