16 December 2007

Tumbling Blocks - Earlene Fowler

I finished Tumbling Blocks - Earlene Fowler this morning thanks to early morning wakeup due to muscles utilized yesterday that hadn't been utilized in quite that fashion in some time. Snowshoeing yesterday in the woods up at Eldora Ski Resort up and down some pretty decent hills. Anyway, the quads and calf muscles were giving me grief this morning and I turned to my bedside book. It was a very peaceful morning under the covers and I finished the last 60 or so pages.
I have always listened to Earlene Fowler's books before, so this was a variation of a treat. Earlene uses quilt names in her titles, but doesn't focus much on actual quilting. The particular quilt makes an appearance somewhere in the reading, but it's more of a metaphor for what will occur in the book. This one has several stories, all tied to mega-tasked Benni Harper. She is the wife of the town's police chief and she runs the town's folk art museum (a place I would dearly love to visit if it actually existed), and friend to many. I love her grandma Dove, her father, her friend Elvia, her cousin Emory, her dog Scout. Her husband is a rugged and sometimes troubled soul, but is devoted to Benni as Benni is to him.
The benefactress of the museum demands that Benni take on an investigation of the death of her best friend, another rich woman. Constance thinks Pinky (she's rich, the rich sometimes have silly names) was murdered. The police chief thinks otherwise and asks Benni to take on a fake investigation to keep Constance off his back.
Into this beginning, Benni's mother-in-law appears. She is someone who was not happy with Benni marrying her only son. Tension....perhaps.
A painting by an 'outsider artist' has been donated to the folk museum. We learn what outsider art is. The painting is by an reclusive artist which makes the artist's work that much more valuable.
All of this is going on throughout the book. One block falls in each and the tumble begins.
A good Christmas themed mystery.

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