09 December 2007


....but no, I am working on Christmas cards! I wish I had the same shift position I had this time last year. It was quiet on nights and I could get these accomplished in no time at all. Now I have to do them at home with all of the little things that seem to interrupt or I make them interrupt. Like posting here on the blog...
Back to The Archer's Tale - Bernard Cornwell tomorrow. Should finish this week and get to choose something new. Oh boy! I am enjoying this story the more I listen. It's a strong tale and it's a beginning of a trilogy.
I am about halfway through Slay Bells - Kate Kingsbury, my purse book. I will likely finish this week too with the rides on the recumbent bike. I'll just make them last longer.
I seem to be making headway in bedside book Tumbling Blocks - Earlene Fowler. I wish I could stay awake longer or in bed longer in the mornings.


Dichotomous Nature said...

Hey, Vickie!

Thanks for the comment on MyWorldInBooks. :) Also, I see you've added me to your blogroll! Thanks! :) This "User ID" is just so that I comment on my friends blogspot blogs. I'll stop in and read more of yours later - I just wanted to say a quick hello and thanks.

Vickie said...

Hello yourself! Thanks for visiting.