04 December 2007

Aunt Dimity's Christmas - Nancy Atherton

The Aunt Dimity series is an uneven kind of ride. Some of them (Aunt Dimity Beats the Devil) are awesome and others (Aunt Dimity and the Duke) are so-so.
Thankfully Aunt Dimity's Christmas was on the up side. I have a feeling I have read it before, but I continued on with it anyway. I usually get disgusted with my forgetful brain and throw the book in the trade stack as soon as I recognize that I have indeed seen the words before. I didn't feel compelled to do so with this one. It may have had, in part, to do with it was the only other book I had in my purse after finishing Blue Christmas while I waited to sign Lady K up for swim lessons and I still had a 2 hour wait. Mostly, though, it was because it's a charming book. There are times when I want to whap the main character upside the cranium, but then she comes through after realizing she is being a pewpcranium.
I'm tellin' ya, I want her life. She was raised poor, but came into a crappeload of $$ and then married a rich fella, too! Then she had twin boys, apparently kept her figure, and has her father in law there at beck and call to watch the boys at a moment's notice.

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