25 December 2007


I hope everyone is having a great day. Were books under the tree? I had four and Lady K had many many many thanks to my Booktalk friends and her Auntie Deb. I organized a Secret Santa book exchange and had two names, so received two packets of books and DH gave me the Paula Deen biography. I am very much looking forward to all of them. They are upstairs and I cannot for the life of me remember the titles. We are in the middle of Christmas dinner prep or I would go up and check the names.
We went from having just DH, Lady K and myself for the day as my parents were hesitant to drive out in the crappe weather Kansas was having. They called Sunday night and said they'd come out Monday. About 10 minutes later, our friend Jaime called and said he and his DS would be over for Christmas dinner and possibly his wife and MIL. And today DH's friend called to wish Happy Christmas and (my thought) hope to get invited for dinner with his DD and girlfriend. Sadly they were going to have pizza if they didn't come over here....sigh.....
So....we now have five more adults and two kids coming over at some point this afternoon for dinner at 5pm to go with DH, myself, Lady K, my mom and my dad. I am looking forward to tomorrow and holiday time is basically over. Might take my mom shopping if the snow (that the weather fibbers said we weren't going to get and now we have 6 inches on the ground and it's still coming down) lets up any.

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