20 December 2007

So You Wanna Win Some Books....

No, I don't give away books, but I know someone who raffles books once she and her family are finished reviewing them! JKaye and her fam read and review books and they raffle them on Sunday. All you do is visit her site and comment on the books she reviews pretty much each day. I've won four or five and added some pretty spectacular titles and authors to my wishlists and shelves thanks to JKaye.

Books I have won (what my brain can remember anyway):
Preaching to the Corpse - Roberta Isleib
Sexiest Man Alive by Diana Holquist
The Last Jew Standing by Michael Simon
The Overlook - Michael Connelly


Lynne said...

Vickie - I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas. I'm sure that your little angel will have a ball!

Vickie said...

Lynne: Thank you and I hope you and yours do as well.
Lady K is very excited. She knows her stocking is getting bigger and the present count is getting hewgah, thanks to her Auntie Deb's FedEx delivery Friday.