18 December 2007

A Highland Christmas - M C Beaton

A very warm and fuzzy holiday book. Very very quick to finish, two sessions on the recumbent bike. Superbly enjoyable if you like light cozy mysteries. No murders in this one, just some intrigue and warm wishes for the holiday season and what Hamish does to bring it about for several characters.
Calvinist roots run deep, so the village of Lochdubh does not celebrate the holidays in a showy fashion, at least in public. Hamish does his best to help bring the holiday spirit to all and sundry. There is a missing cat belonging to a reclusive 'witch' on the hill, a perfect child of rather strict parents, a new schoolteacher, missing fairy lights in a nearby village, an unhappy retirement home. All of these, not so oddly, come together for a nice story.
This was the first time I've handheld read a Hamish Macbeth book. I have only listened to them in the past and I could hear the lovely voice of Davina Porter, the narrator of this series, in my cranium as I read. This was definitely not a bad thing to hear this voice in my head. = )

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