30 December 2007

Almost the New Year...Are you Ready?

Everyone has been asking about New Year resolutions and I have noticed the annual glut (perhaps poor choice of words) of diet plans, exercise aids, workout programs, etc....
I learned not long ago that it does not behoove me to make resolutions, especially at the New Year. I don't keep them because I always make the ones that are icky in concept. Never eat more Cheetos, drink more wine, have more ice cream. Nope, it's always eat less 'bad' food and exercise more. I did a re-think in September when I went to day shift and off of shift work for the foreseeable future. I began exercising more, eating better choices (there are no good or bad foods, just better choices and smaller portions) and I recommitted to Weight Watchers. By golly, it's working.
If I do have a New Year resolution, it would be to make more time for me, reading, alone, movies, whatever. That old saying, 'If Momma ain't happy, ain't no one happy' holds grains of truth. So Momma is gonna be happier!

We paid a visit to B&N and bought some DVDs with the gift card we received for Christmas. The Die Hard boxed set to catch us up with the first three and Kelly's Heroes. Then we wandered the book sales. A lot of books 50% off and I picked up some holiday books for Lady K's collection and Jeff Long - DEEPER, the sequel to THE DESCENT which scared the badoobees out of me. Also AN ICE COLD GRAVE - Charlaine Harris, the third in this series. THEN there was the 3 for $9.99 sale tables.....GREAT SOUTHERN MySTERIES that DH picked out for me and THOU SHALT NOT KILL edited by Anne Perry. Gotta go find room for my additions. Also found PREACHING TO THE CORPSE - Roberta Isleib in my mailbox that I won a couple of weeks ago. It's second in a series and I know this one will be as good as the first. Thanks J Kaye!!

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