12 December 2007

The Archer's Tale - Bernard Cornwell

I was both intrigued and hesitant when this arrived from RecordedBooks from my wishlist. I'd listened to my first Bernard Cornwell - Stonehenge not long ago and I really didn't like it much. The Archer's Tale is a search for the Grail and I love the King Arthur stories, so that was the intriguing part and that won me over the hesitation.
I began listening to it and wasn't too impressed, but I persevered and so very glad that I did. Thomas is a sympathetic character with flaws aplenty to make him very human. He is a bastard, in the birth sense, not character flaw sense. His father is killed for the lance that Sir George used to kill the dragon. He becomes embroiled on his own reluctant quest for the lance as well as the man who killed his father.
I found out midway through the listening that this is the first book in a trilogy. I am very glad of this and immediately have added the second in the series to my wishlist on RecordedBooks.


BookGal said...

I like the Arthur stories as well. This sounds like one I might like. Thanks for the review.

Vickie said...

bookgal: You betcha.