23 December 2007

A Redbird Christmas

I finished A Redbird Christmas - Fannie Flagg yesterday morning. I really didn't want it to end. What a lovely book! I had never read Fannie Flagg before and I am going to add more of her books to my wishlist from now on.
Oswald discovers his ailments are rapidly increasing his likelihood of dying. While at the doctor's office he finds a flyer for a retreat for better health. There really isn't anything keeping him in Chicago, so he calls the number on the flyer. He finds himself in Lost River, a town that time seems to have forgotten. We meet the residents in all of their sweet quirkiness. My favorites are Jack and Patsy. Jack is a redbird nursed back to health after being injured by crapweasel boys and now a pet of the local store owner. Patsy is the sweetest little girl, smart as a whip, and twisted of body due to a birth injury.
This was my absolute favorite of the group of holiday themed books I read in December.

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