25 October 2011

HEXES AND HEMLINES: A Witchcraft Mystery - Juliet Blackwell

From the back of the book: With her vintage clothing store taking off, Lily Ivory is finding that life in San Francisco suits her just fine. But her ability to sense vibrations from the past, so useful in locating secondhand gems, has landed her in themiddle of a new mystery....

Lily gets called away from Aunt Cora's Closet when the police need a witch's take on a strange case. Malachi Zazi was stabbed to death in his apartment, under a ladder, surrounded by the number thirteen, a broken mirror, and a black cat----superstitions that the victim, as head of a rationalist society, was devoted to discrediting.

When the police identify a suspect from the Serpentarian Society, Lily is shocked to learn it's someone she knows. But with bad luck plaguing all the members, she begins to wonder if there's more at work than mere coincidence. And while there aren't many clues from the crime scene, Lily finds evidence of dark witchcraft and a hex on her friend's doorstep. With her friend's safety at stake, Lily is determined to use magic to find the murderer before everyone's luck runs out.....


This is such an excellent paranormal cozy series. I love Lily and would love to be friends with her, Bronwyn, would love to at least look at Aidan Rhodes, and definitely hang with Oscar, who is Lily's familiar. And to shop in Aunt Cora's Closet would be suh-weeeet!

The mixture of light-hearted and grim has the right touch for a reader to stay up late and keep turning those pages into the night to see what's going to happen next.

Lily is learning to love having friends, something she didn't have much of growing up in her suspicious Texas town. When her friend Bronwyn starts acting completely opposite her sunny warm welcoming self, Lily wants to help. I like that Juliet Blackwell has Lily learning how to be a friend and we get to see it.

Lily is also learning more about her abilities and she knows she has more to experience. Much as she isn't happy about it, she knows that Aidan Rhodes is going to be instrumental in her growth. That is a heckuva cool cliffhanger to make this reader want the next book ASAP. Okay, Juliet, please write faster!

Five please write faster beans.....


Aurian said...

Ooo I need to read this book! It is already on my desktop, so I only have to click on it.

But I am missing your guilty chick flick, I finally had something to contribute. My stepdaughter and I watched Grease 1 and Ghost last saterday, and she loved it.
And your blooms on sunday?

Vickie said...

Aurian: It's a good one, definitely bump it up on your TBR stack.

I love Grease and Ghost, too. Thanks for the reminder. I've been on swings this past week and we've been looking for a dog for the family. I think we have a winner, we pick her up this evening. More on the blog later. So Guilty Pleasure Flicks and Blooms on Sunday have been on hold. About to go out and take pictures of the snow to post today on the blog.