11 October 2011

BUTTON HOLED: Button Box Mystery - Kylie Logan

From the back of the book: In a big-picture world, it's the little things that appeal to button dealer Josie Giancola. There's history in every button. There's art, and craft, and style. There might be clues to murder, too.

Working out of her button shop in a Chicago brownstone, Josie Giancola has quietly become one of the country's leading experts on buttons---antique buttons, jeweled buttons, artistic buttons. Her reputation draws a Hollywood starlet to the Button Box to shop for one-of-a-kind buttons for her made-to-order wedding gown.

But after the Button Box is ransacked and the actress is murdered, Josie's cozy world is thrown into chaos. Homicide detective Nevin Riley is looking to her for clues, starting with the murder weapon---an antique buttonhook. But a killer has other ideas, likekeeping Josie's lips buttoned up....permanently.

Includes tips on antique button collecting!!

Here's what I adore about reading cozy mysteries, I learn something new in each one. It's either the niftiness of owning a cupcake bakery or managing a fab New York coffeeshop or making quilts or owning a bookstore, running a library or solving crimes with two Siamese cats.

BUTTON HOLED is a new one on me. Josie Giancola is a bit of a nerd for buttons, all kinds of buttons. And she has a button shop. She knows the walk-in clientele might be limited, but she has a healthy online button business, too.

One of her walk-in clients is movie star (and major league not-nice-person),

Kate Franciscus, who demands the best of Josie's specialty buttons for her one-of-a-kind wedding dress for her upcoming wedding to uber wealthy Prince Roland.

Then Kate ends up dead in the Button Box and it's up to Josie to help solve the case so she can get her buttons back in order and her life back to mellow.

Excellent characters abound through the book. Along with Josie, there's the crusty retired cop, the schmoozy ex-husband, and the hottie detective. Add in the new-to-me button collecting gig and it's a winner all the way around.

Five win-win buttons beans....


Aurian said...

Good one Vickie, I am really looking forward to it! I also like learning things about other professions.

Vickie said...

Aurian: It is a good one. I hope you like it, too.