31 October 2011

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! I hope yours is a spooky good one!


Mark Boss said...

The picture on top looks like me after I try to rake all the sycamore leaves out of the yard.

Aurian said...

Happy Halloween Vickie and Lady K! Enjoy all the candy and creepy things!

I see the snow has melted already, just in time for Halloween :)

I just had my very first trick or treaters at the door in ever! Neighbourhood kids and their parents, all dressed up. Most were witches, a spiderman, a zombie. Lucky, I still had some candy in the house, my boyfriend had eaten almost everything!

Vickie said...

Mark: *grin*

Aurian: How fun! As for the candy being eaten, we have to get ours the weekend before Halloween or it would be gone, too.
Yep, the snow melted for the Trick or Treating and it was warm, but it's getting ready to snow again tonight and tomorrow.