09 October 2011

Blooms on Sunday - 9 OCT 2011 - A Trip to the Denver Botanic Garden

I took my dad to the Denver Botanic Garden earlier this past week. Neither of us had been in the longest time and knew it was time for a visit much as we both love playing in the dirt. It has grown! It's always been gorgeous, but it is even more so now. And it's logistically easier to access with better parking and more pathways. Dad and I spent over three hours meandering and wandering the paths, getting ideas, adding to the list of plants we want.
If you find yourself in the area, please visit the Denver Botanic Garden at 1007 York St. Stalking the butterfly on the plentiful asters

I want this gorgeous rustic Southwestern style shelter in my back garden

I am planting masses of this gomphrena next year...pinks, whites, and this strawberry hued one

I became fascinated with this bloom. The stalks towered over our heads, the blooms looking like something out of a Dr Seuss illustration...Found out it's called Giant Lion's Ear..I am searching for a source to get it added to my garden

We never did find out what this South African plant looked a school of puffer fish...and I want one! I heard from Shelly at Garden Country that I can send this pic to the Botanic Garden and they will be more than happy to identify it for me

A highly probable project to attempt soon....not quite as ambitious as this one in one shade garden area...the entire path was paved with on-edge black pebbles, about 25 feet or so. I think I will start small like a paving stone or to start collecting pebbles....

This is just one patch of asters among the masses of gorgeous purple blooms....I think if you click on the pic, you can see the gazillion bees that were happily buzzing about

Another pretty little plant that I coveted...and couldn't identify...adding to the email to the Garden peeps


Aurian said...

I recognized that berry picture, you can eat those.
Dutch Wikipedia: Ribes uva-crispa is the latin name. Not everyone likes them (like me), but my mother and sisters love them.

Flower pics are gorgeous as always, especially that very long stalk thingy.

Vickie said...

Aurian: Thanks!

ParisaM said...


I think the puffy fish plant is Asclepias physocarpa or “Family Jewels Tree”. It is available at my local nursery Annie's. call them because sometimes their website isn't up to date and they do deliver. :) Happy Gardening and thank you for your great blog.