23 May 2010


From the back of the BOCD: Dixie Cash, author of I GAVE YOU MY HEART, BUT YOU SOLD IT ONLINE, has won a huge following for her special brand of lighthearted romance. In this spirited novel, Cash's two unforgettable private investigators are back for another tangy Texas two-step.
Debbie Sue Overstreet and Edwina Perkins-Martin are two of the sassiest hairdressers in Salt Lick, Texas. But these two spunky ladies do more than spice up the 'dos of their gossipy patrons. They also moonlight as the Domestic Equalizers, PIs wit the best hair in the Lone Star State. Not ones to turn down a juicy assignment, Debbie Sue and Edwina get involved in a case of missing horses--and may very well make or break the budding romance between a spoiled rich girl and the town's handsome veterinarian.
MY HEAR MAY BE BROKEN...delivers all the romance and humor that Cash's fans eat up in Texas-size portions. And narrator Peggity Price adds to the enjoyment of another surefire hit.
O...M...G!!! Yeah, I know, I've been starting quite a few of latest blog reviews with this, but this book totally deserves the OMG, I swear!
This was the perfect listen, snort laugh funny, excellent characters I could easily dig, and a good mystery with no murder. Missing horses was the main investigation along with the cheating husbands that are par for the two Domestic Investigators.
Main story was Paige McBride and her getting over herself to become a charming young woman...she had a trek to get there. She was born rich and had everything she ever wanted. When she is almost 25, her daddy turns her loose from the funds to make her grow up. Bless her heart, she does her best to find a job, but she's not qualified to do much. She does find a job working on a horse farm in Salt Lick and meets the local veterinarian and does not make a good first impression.
Debbie Sue and Edwina do their darndest to help move things along. And each meeting is so funny and sweet. Debbie Sue and Ed take Paige under their margarita-fueled wings and let her know they are there for her in friendship.
Spur Atwater is the new veterinarian in town. Now, typically, I would toss the book aside with the main man character having a name like Spur, but it's explained (the kids in the family are named for whichever town their family is living at the time) and I already love Dixie Cash's books, so I got over the name.
I also loved the narrator, Peggity Price. She did a wonderful job of voicing all of the characters, nothing too over the top Texan.
I just bumped up the next in the series, I GAVE YOU MY HEART, BUT YOU SOLD IT ONLINE, to the top of my RecordedBooks wishlist. I think I am going to have to get these for my keeper shelf to listen to at anytime I need a *snort laugh* lift. I strongly suggest you get one of this series for a good mystery, good laugh and some good romance.

Five Texas big ol' sparkly diamonds!!!!


Mary said...

This sounds great - right up my alley :D

Mickie said...

"..nothing too over the top Texan"

I beg to differ!

Vickie, us Texans take pride in being "over the top"!!


Yet again, you've played the siren song... I must listen to this series!! Thanks for the review!

Vickie said...

Mary: It's such a good book and an excellent series. I do think you would enjoy it.

Mickie: *grin* I was commenting on the narrator. Sometimes they can go overboard on their interpretation of a Southern accent and this one was spot on.
You will LOVE this series.