13 May 2010

THE HANDY LAW ANSWER BOOK: Understanding the Law Navigating the Legal System - David L. Hudson Jr

From the back of the book: Navigate the Law, the History, the Theory, the Cases...the System
Everyday we encounter the rules of law--from the time we decide to get married, or perhaps divorced, to making purchases with our credit cards or dealing with bankruptcy. Who couldn't use a legal primer that answers hundreds of questions related to the history and practice of law in the United States? Let THE HANDY LAW ANSWER BOOK help you navigate the system.
You'll learn how to find a lawyer; what happens when you file a lawsuit or are sued by someone; what your rights in the workplace are; and what you can expect when you have your day in court. Plus, you'll get tips on how to read those legal citations, as well discover some fascinating--and quirky--legal cases.
Combining practical legal tips with an exhaustive overviewof the law in the United States, THE HANDY LAW ANSWER BOOK provides a history of the US legal system, including the personalities who shaped it. You'll get an introduction to various laws, important cases, court opinions, and how they all might affect you.
You'll find answers to more than 800 questions, including....
Where did the word "tort" come from?
How are state court judges selected?
Where did the first U.S. Supreme Court meet?
How does the law define "marriage"?
What should you do if facing too much debt?
What is a "wobbler"?
p146 answer to what is a wobbler?
p271-272 legal definition of marriage
p 90 where that first US Supreme Court met
There are 394 pages in this big ol' book of law. I especially enjoyed the history of law. I like history of a lot of things and this one is chock full.
It's an especially helpful book for questions and answers. There is a guide of online resources for state constitutions, a really excellent glossary, The Constitution of the United States...
This is going on my shelf with my gardening indexes, medical guides, Consumer Reports books, all of my go-to guides.
Thank you OnlinePublicist for letting me have the book to review!
Five big ol' legal eagle beans.....

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