07 May 2010


From the back of the book: Young, hip, and heartbroken---Nell picks up the pieces of her life and pieces together clues for an unsolved murder in the small town of Archers Rest.
Nell Fitzgerald is thrilled when she receives a gorgeous handmade quilt in a lover's knot pattern from her grandmother Eleanor as an engagement gift. Her joy is short-lived, however, when her fiance announces that he's calling off the wedding. Heartbroken, twenty-six-year-old Nell flees New York City for her grandmother's home in quaint Archers Rest. In this small town Eleanor's life revolves around her quilt shop, Someday Quilts, and the members of the shop's quilting circle.
When the body of a local handyman known for his flirting is found in the quilt shop, murdered with a pair of scissors, Nell finds herself drawn into the case--and drawn to the handsome police chief. As a pattern of clues begin to emerge, one of the prime suspects is Nell's ex-fiance, whose arrival in Archers Rest seems suspicious. The ladies of the quilting circle continue to piece together their quilts as Nell unravels the mystery. For quilters and mystery lovers alike, THE LOVER'S KNOT is a delightful and promising debut.
I am so glad I finally pulled this from drawer three, chest one of Mt Git'r'Read. Yes, that's how I store some (a lot) of my TBR books, but that's a blog for another day.
This turned out to be a 'danger book' for me. The kind of book that has you staying up later at night to read just one more page or so or ten or so....and realize that you really are getting up in four or so hours, so really should put the book down now. The chapters are short, the story is smooth, the characters are well drawn, and it's a really good mystery. I like how Nell gets drawn into helping with the investigation. You know how I am with that part of the amateur sleuth/cozy mystery...that part's gotta ring at least a good chunk true and this one is one of the chunkiest.
And, once again, I want to learn how to quilt. I do this after every Jennifer Chiaverini or Earlene Fowler, too....would that I had a creative bone in my bod...I don't so I will read about those who do.
Five quilting is murder beans.....

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