11 May 2010

DOG ON IT: A CHET AND BERNIE MYSTERY - Spencer Quinn, narr Jim Frangione

From the back of the BOCD: The charming debut from Spencer Quinn introduces the world to two-legged Bernie Little and his four-legged pal Chet--a canine with a nose for mysteries. Together, this down-on-his luck private investigator and K-9 school failure form an offbeat but effective sleuthing duo.
Bernie is relieved when the missing teenage girl he's searching for turns up unharmed. But after she quickly disappears again, Bernie and Chet resume their investigation. Since there's no ransom demand, kidnapping seems likea questionable motive. Yet the girl had recently gotten involved with some nefarious types, and as Bernie and Chet make their way through biker bars and other colorful destinations, they smell something foul.
Told from Chet's unique perspective, DOG ON IT is a humorous whodunit perfectly seasoned with a loveable dog's view of everything. Narrator Jim Frangione gives voice to the loyal--and frequently befuddled--Bernie.
"DOG ON IT has got more going for it than 50 of those cat cozies...My sincere advice to you is to rush to your nearest bookstore and put your paws on this enchanting, one-of-a-kind novel." ---Stephen King
If you don't go to the nearest bookstore to get this book to add to your collection, maybe go to the library and take it out or get it from RecordedBooks like I did. This was such a fun book to listen to. Chet and Bernie make the best team.
The author writes Chet as smart, but not superdog smart. Chet loves Bernie and will do anything for him and to get back to him when he is taken away. That is what a dog will do when he loves his people. He helps him with Bernie's cases.
The best thing about this book is that it is told through Chet's voice. All characters are voiced, but the story only occurs if Chet is in the 'room'. Chet admits to his faults such as dislike of cats and the bird Capt Crunch. He knows his memory is limited, but not his nose or devotion for his partner Bernie.
There's a bit of...SQUIRREL!...but not an overabundance. It's a superb story and I cannot wait to listen to the next one, THEREBY HANGS A TAIL. It's up high on the wishlist on RecordedBooks.
Six yummy Chet would love these gourmet dogbiscuits!!!


Cozy in Texas said...

I stopped by your blog today. This sounds like a delightful read.
Ann Summerville
Cozy In Texas

Vickie said...

Ann: Thank you for stopping by. This is a superbly delightful read.