30 April 2008

SECOND SUNRISE - David and Aimee Thurlo

Another fine evening of reading accomplished. Isn't it grand when nothing the crew wants to watch is interesting and you have a good book to read? I know I think so.
I began SECOND SUNRISE yesterday afternoon when I woke from my after mid shift sleep. I quickly read the first two chapters and made it my purse book to hopefully finish on shift last night. And I just now read the last page of this super vampire book. Very fast moving, page-turner deluxe.
Lee Nez is a police officer in New Mexico during WW II. He discovers an in process theft of a secret weapon, does his duty to stop the theft, is shot and turned into a vampire by the thieves' leader. Fast forward to present day, the lead vampire did not expire as Officer Nez thought and has possibly returned to retrieve the plutonium cache.
There is definitely more to this story, but you will have to read it to get the rest.

4 coffeebean rating!


BritGal' Sarah said...

OMG Vickie, I make that 4 books in 2 days!! You rool!

Vickie said...

Sarah: Well, one whole book in one day, the rest were at the halfway point or better and I had the time to finish them. I LOVE NIGHT SHIFT!!