28 April 2008

THE BLACK ECHO - Michael Connelly (five bean rating)

THE BLACK ECHO is a very good beginning to a very good police suspense series. Harry Bosch is a loner for the most part, with a sense of justice that the LAPD doesn't admire for the most part.
Harry is called to the scene of a heroin OD found in some pipes used for runoff in the hills of LA. He finds that he knows the victim from his Vietnam days and the man is considered a murder victim.
The book moves forward at the pace of an investigation. No shortcuts, no ah-ha moments from nowhere. Very enjoyable and highly recommendable.
I give it 5 beans.


SuziQoregon said...

I like the new decor! and the coffee bean rating system too.

Thanks for the shout out re: whimpulse
(that really ought to be a word - we should call the dictionary folks)

Vickie said...

SuziQ: Thankin' you! I saw Lynne's new do on her site, so I decided to spice mine up a wee bit.
I've been trying to work on a rating system and those beans 'spoke' to me. = )
And thank you for letting me use whimpulse. I love that word! We should call the Webster's folks. American Dictionary added EEVO from Rachel Ray fame, so why not 'whimpulse'??