26 April 2008

Nectar of the Gods....Coffee.....

I am trying to ease up on my coffee intake and really only have it on the weekends. The acidity, I guess, is playing havoc with my innards, so the doc ordered me to ease up. Now it's tea during the week and coffee on weekends only. Another reason to love my Saturdays and Sundays.
The gods bless the goatherder following his frisky goats and wondering what those beans were that caused his charges to be even more upbeat. He tried some...."HEY, that's a pretty nice little buzz, I can watch those goats 24/7 now!" Wonder who it was who decided to put them in water for an infusion. Then the blessed brain who GROUND THEM UP and put them in water!
I am high maintenance when it comes to my coffee. Can't drink the office coffee. Nope it's got to be either homebrewed in my beloved best Christmas present ever CuisineArt all-in-one bean grinder/coffee maker. OR it comes from one of my favorite little coffee joints in our neighborhood. The foo-fooier, the bettererererer (and preferably some kind of chocolate in the mix). Oh, and a book!


Mary said...

I'm with you in the land of coffee snobs ;~)

Joy said...

You two! lol

Sorry to hear of your coffee-innards problem. I know how much you love it. I drink de-caf, so hopefully I won't develop that problem. Is it strictly the caffeine that causes the problem?

Vickie said...

Mary: Welcome to the club. = )

Joy: I was told by the doc that it's the caffeine, but I drink tea and don't seem to have the same issues. I might switch to the decaf coffee, because I love the flavor.
I take Nexium now and that's a help.

Anonymous said...

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