08 April 2008


Alrighty then, first book for April finished last night. Made myself stay awake just a little longer since I only had a few more pages to go. Decent enough story, not great, but readable. I may look for the rest of the series. One of those, when all else fails, throw in another sex scene. The story was good, vampire (Rhys) loses his memory, finds his soulmate (Jane), soulmate helps him remember he is no longer a viscount living in back in the day England. He's really avampire living above the Goth nightclub he and his brother, Sebastian, (also a vampire) own in New York City.
Rhys saves Jane from out of town from a just let out of prison, non-rehabilited rapist, then saves her again from Rhys's evil brother,Christian (also a vampire), loses his memory, takes girl home, Jane hired to help Rhys stay out of the sun, eat only the 'protein drinks'. And she does not know he's a vampire until the end of the book.
Rhys gets his memory back after a time, feels bad, wants to protect Jane, sends Jane away...or tries to.
Like I posted, it's a good story and I may look for the rest of the series. Looks like each one revolves around a brother, all vampires looking for luh-huv.


Cheryl said...

Sounds like a interesting book. Thanks for sharing. Cool you live in Boulder Colorado.

I am from Grand Junction Colorado

Vickie said...

Hi Cheryl. It's a fun book, not great, but fun.
I live in a 'burb between Denver and Boulder. Work in Boulder. Like Grand Junction. Love living in Colorado. Been here since '01 and no plan to leave anytime soon.