18 April 2008


MISS JULIA STRIKES BACK is just SO GOOD! I love her smarts, spunk, assertiveness....I want to be like Miss Julia when I grow up.
In this book, Miss Julia is robbed of her engagement and wedding ring. She sees that no one is going to do anything to her satisfaction in getting her precious jewelry returned to her, so she and Lloyd go south to West Palm, Florida to retrieve everything. She enlists the aid of Mr Pickens PI friend, Mr Tuttle. He is a man of liquid lunches tastes, much to Miss Julia's distaste, but she needs his help. They do not exactly get along, but they work together to get the job done.
This is a wonderful series, warm and very funny.


BritGal' Sarah said...

LOL I am in awe of how many books you get read...knowing the busy life you lead!

Joy said...

I believe the only one I read in this series was the first one. And, that was with the booklovers group. Glad you liked it.

Vickie said...

Sarah: Sweets, I fit it in wherever I can. It would be like missing the air to breathe if I couldn't read. Most of my books are audiobooks, I need to start posting that in the review. I do on my goodreads site.
I read before I go to sleep and sometimes when I wake. I keep a purse book for those long on line waits at the store or bank or at work when between scenarios.

Joy: I fell in like with Miss Julia and the gang from the very first book. All have been audiobooks and I adore the narrator.

OLED said...
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Mary said...

Vickie! Are you getting strange posts???

I have to try this series. Maybe I'll check it out on audio. Thanks for the suggestion!

Vickie said...

Mary: I think you would like this series.

And,Yep, getting strange comments. Bored kids most likely, kinda like the little gremlins we get on the message boards.