29 April 2008


Another good reading night! I finished SERVANT: THE AWAKENING this morning.....early early morning.... I love mids when nothing is going on and I can read and pay attention to what is going on (or nothing is going on) at the same time.
It was time for a paranormal thriller and this one fit the bill nicely. Gabrielle (Gaby) Cody has a calling from God to rid the earth of demons. Demons that look like humans, but only she can see that they are not. She feels the pull and complies. She works alone and has done all of her life. Now she has people intruding. One is the man who owns the rundown building in which she lives, the other is a police detective. A very attractive, strong police detective. Most times this would have had me setting this aside for something else, but the characters were believable (as believable as demon hunters and the people in their lives can be). Gaby is tough to keep people from getting to close. These two men find their way in.
I am very glad that this is a series as I am looking forward to seeing what the next paranormal adventure will be.
Four beans rating!


Anonymous said...

Wow - this one looks good!

Vickie said...

J Kaye: It is a good one, I can send it to you with Amanda's book.