18 April 2008

RUEFUL DEATH - Susan Wittig Albert

MISTLETOE MAN is still my favorite of the China Bayles series, but RUEFUL DEATH is a very close second! WOW, very quick and wonderful read.
China gets to leave Pecan Springs and take a little after Christmas break. She decides to go on a retreat with her friend Maggie to St Theresa's Monastery for two weeks, but ends of discovering that she has been invited for a completely different reason. The Abbess wants China to find out who is behind the poison pen letters and the suspected arson. And then there is the possibility of murder. There are a few interconnected subplots throughout and totally make sense. I especially liked the way China is involved in the mystery because she was requested, not because everywhere she goes there's a murder to solve. No Murder, She Wrote-itis here.

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