01 May 2008


FANGS FOR THE MEMORIES - Kathy Love, TPB, okay vampire romance

THE BONE GARDEN - Tess Gerritsen, BOCD, Very good stand alone suspense

THE GHOST AND THE DEAD MAN'S LIBRARY - Alice Kimberly, MPB, love this series!

TALL, DARK & DEAD - Tate Halloway, TPB, good paranormal slightly light

YARN HARLOT - Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, TPB, warm, funny, GOOD!

RUEFUL DEATH - Susan Wittig Albert, MPB, my second favorite China Bayles

MISS JULIA STRIKES BACK - Ann B Ross, BOCD, such a GREAT series! I want to be Miss Julia when I grow up!

18 SECONDS - George D Shuman, BOT, good thriller w/an intriguing premise, author took some shortcuts that annoyed me

THE BLACK ECHO - Michael Connelly, MPB, very good twist & turn police thriller/suspense

FINDING YOUR MOJO - Stephanie Bond, MPB, autographed copy, good suspense, love the characters

SERVANT: THE AWAKENING - L L Foster, MPB, paranormal slayer, superb

SECOND SUNRISE - David & Aimee Thurlo, MPB, vampire/suspense-GOOD! So glad this is a series!

9 books
3 audio
12 for the month
47 for the year


Susan said...

I found your site from your comments left on mine, thanks so much! I really like your site, and love, love, love the books you are reading....all those paranormals I haven't found yet!! *sigh* guess I will have to go to the library and ask the Creator for more hours in the day so I can read more!!! :-) I'm putting you on my blogroll, and - hey, way to go for reading 47 books already, AND starting your garden AND working and raising a child!

Vickie said...

Susan: Thank you. I wish there were more hours in the day, too. Or at least more reading hours. I work a job that allows me time on the road for the audio portions of my book lists and some time on the job for other reading. The veggie garden is just starting, the flowers are as we get to them for the last few years and the child is a hoot and fairly low maintenance.
Thank you for adding me to your blogroll, you are on mine.

Mary said...

Great list, Vickie! I pale by comparison, lol.

Vickie said...

Mary: Sometimes I have a really good month to get my reading in. April was one of those months.

Anonymous said...

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