02 November 2007

Just About Done

I am so close to finishing Bubbles in Trouble - Sarah Strohmeyer in the car. I am on tape 8 of 8, side 2. I should be seeing what to listen to next on the way home this afternoon. I will be leaving early from work today, so plan to go to The Hilltop Coffee and sit and sip and read purse book Fire Me Up - Katie MacAlister, ideally until I finish it as well. Thank goodness for time on the recumbent bike and my 50 mile roundtrip commute five days a week or I'd never get any books read. My bedside book Birds of a Feather - Jacqueline Winspear is going slowly only because I get to bed and either get interrupted by Lady K being done with her bath early or I fall asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow. Good reason for that is the sacrifice of extra zzzzzz's so that I can make it to the gym early in the AM and get this floof of my bod. 6 hours of sleep a night for five nights in a row and going on three weeks in a row, is definitely making me sleep better, but the reading is suffering. I hope to get in more time this weekend. No one in the spare room, so if I wander awake, I can go to the Candy Room (Lady K's name for the main spare room) and read. Then get up and ride the bike for some activity points and start the weekend.

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