13 November 2007

Possums....Coldheart Canyon is not for the faint of heart....

Yikes!!! Listening to Coldheart Canyon - Clive Barker on my commute is getting more difficult. I am not a prude by any stretch, but jeezoh-peezoh!!! My eyebrows are raised as high as they can go (granted, this is not very high...) at some points of the listening. Thankfully, it alternates between stories or characters, so there is some relief. I will have to listen to something warm and fuzzy after this one. I am on tape 8 of 17, side 1.

I am about a third of the way through An Acquaintance with Darkness - Ann Rinaldi as bedside reading. It is billed as YA, but it is good for adults too. Or maybe I am YA at heart.

I have been enjoying my time on the recumbent bike while reading What's a Ghould to Do? - Victoria Laurie. This is the first of another the author's series and I will be getting more of this one along with her other Abby Cooper - Psychic Eye series.

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