05 November 2007

Life is Too Short and All That Jazz

I have decided that life is indeed to short to listen to Diamond in the Ruff - Emily Carmichael. Way too much whining and not all of it from the dawg. I decided to give good ol' scary Clive Barker a shot with his Coldheart Canyon. Good choice that and I am only one side 2 of tape 1.
For next purse book, I thought I would dig on Aaron Elkins - Unnatural Selection, but I was wrong. It is #15 in the series and I am getting to like starting in the beginning or close to the beginning of a new to me series. Soooo, back on Mt Git'r'Read it went and I picked out one from my sister's last package titled The Chemistry of Death - Simon Beckett. It's already intriguing and will make for loooong rides on the recumbent bike I can tell.

1 comment:

Kay said...

LOL about the whining! I agree - life is too short to spend time on a book, audio or otherwise, that you don't enjoy!

Love your blog!!!