17 November 2007

Hello Seester!!

I forwarded my blogspot site address to my sister and she told me last night that she is reading it now. So a shout out to my Seester! Luvs ya!! Thank you for the pearl bracelet. It's
gorgeous (in my best Barbara Streisand...much as I dislike that broad, love her caricature) !
I am on tape 14 of 17, side 1 Coldheart Canyon - Clive Barker in the car. The man can write and keep me interested even with the truly creepy things going on. It's done in rest-freaky-rest-freaky-rest-ewwgross-rest-holy crap...sort of roller coaster pattern. You get a chance to catch your breath a bit before the next weirdness kicks in. Definitlely listening to something warm and fuzzy after this.
I am a little over halfway through An Acquaintance with Darkness - Ann Rinaldi as bedside reading. I would love some more time with it, but I keep getting interrupted with falling asleep. Not due to the book, but from my thing of getting up so flippin' early to get my workout done for the day.
I started the second story in Holidays are Hell - four authors of paranormal genre. Kim Harrison wrote the first story wonderfully and can only hope the rest of the stories stand up as well. This is my beginning of the winter time holiday books and one for my Christmas Challenge.

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