07 November 2007

Not Normally 'Into' Clive Barker....ready to make and exception

I saw Hellraiser back in the day as my then boyfriend's way to get me over my phobia of scary worked, mostly. That has been the extent of my Clive Barker delving. Nothing else intrigued me to grab one of his books and read. Until I saw the blurb on for Coldheart Canyon a few months ago. I added it to my wishlist and it was sent in August.....and it has been in the box it arrived in for all of that time until earlier this week and I decided I just could not get into Diamond in the Ruff. I looked at all seven of the audiobooks left to my choice in the back seat of my car and decided to try ol' Clive. Was I glad I did. It is not scary yet, but I am thinking it will be. I don't even care that it hasn't gotten to the scary parts yet. The characters and the scenery, heck the description of the dog dying as I drove in this morning made my cry. I don't do that! I could rationalize the lack of quality sleep last night or this cold I have going, but I really think I am involved in this book. Good thing as it 17 tapes long, 22 hours of listening! I am looking forward to my commute.

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Joy said...

All it takes is "right timing", huh? Glad you're enjoying it thus far and I look forward to your final analysis. :)