05 November 2007

Two More....

Bubbles in Trouble - Sarah Strohmeyer, BOT in the car, finished on Friday on the way home from work. I began Diamond in the Ruff - Emily Carmichael, BOCD. This is not a worthy follow-on to Bubbles and company, but it will reasonably do. Bubbles has moxie, the group of chicks in Diamond in the Ruff don't (doesn't?) seem to. Much whining, which is acceptable as one of the characters is a woman trapped in a Corgie's sausage shaped bod because of a past life thing. This is her penance and she must atone for her misdeeds by doing good ones in this current incarnation. Saving grace, so far, the book is set in the Denver/Boulder area and it's fun picking out familiar sites. The most saving grace is that the narrator is one of my favorites, Barbara Rosenblatt. She can make the phone book interesting were she inclined to narrate that.
I also finished Fire Me Up, An Aisling Grey, Guardian Novel - Katie MacAlister this morning on the recumbent bike. Magic, intrigue, dragons, sex, funny characters, a talking dog demon...what more can one want from a series? It's very fun and I really can't wait to start the next one.
I think I started Aaron Elkins - Unnatural Selection, but I may not stick with it at this time. It's #15 or so in the series and I'd like to start closer to the beginning, I think. We'll see if I get more time with it, but I have a feeling I will be choosing something else for now. JD Robb is calling, I think.


Joy said...

You have a NEW LOOK! Very pretty, Vickie! :)

Mary Beth said...

Vickie, I LOVE your book comments. I wonder what the woman did to end up as a Corgi??? Take care!

-Mary (meah56)