01 August 2011

Books in the House Monday - 1 Aug 2011

It has been a couple few weeks since my last Books in the House....and I have been on a wee bit of a bender...DH found my stashed books in the two chest of drawers in my bedroom...sigh....and he suggested that I might want to clear some books out before maybe getting more. Yeah, okay, honey.

Soooooooo.... I cleared out some books from drawers 2 thru 7-ish and made room for my slight book bender. AND I made good time of quiet shifts and read, making even more room.

Books in the house from...

T @ work:

DEEP STORM - Lincoln Child, thriller, MPB

SHADOW ZONE - Iris & Roy Johansen, suspense, MPB

Becky (NoMoreGrumpyBookseller)

A BAD DAY FOR SCANDAL: Stella Hardesty Book 3 - Sophie Littlefield, suspense, HB

the author:

REBIRTH: Aftertime Book 2 - Sophie Littlefield, postapocalyptic, TPB, signed

BRING ON THE NIGHT: WVMP Radio Book 3 - Jeri Smith-Ready, UF, MPB, signed


THE ROAD TO BEDLAM: Courts of the Feyre Book Two - Mike Shevdon, UF, MPB

THE DRAGON'S PATH: Dagger & Coin Book One - Daniel Abraham, fantasy, TPB

BOOKS CAN BE DECEIVING: A Library Lover's Mystery - Jenn McKinley, cozy mystery, MPB

HEARTLESS: Parasol Protectorate Book 4 - Gail Carriger, steampunk, MPB

(because Seester told me to get off my book butt and read them)

A CLASH OF KINGS: Song of Fire and Ice Book 2 - George R R Martin, fantasy, MPB

A STORM OF SWORDS: Song of Fire and Ice Book 3 - George R R Martin, fantasy, MPB

A FEAST FOR CROWS: Song of Fire and Ice Book 4 - George R R Martin, fantasy, MPB

Orchard Books (before they closed their doors 31 July...dammit)

THE REAPERS: Charlie Parker #7 - John Connolly, thriller, MPB

CANDLENIGHT - Phil Rickman, thriller, MPB

IN THE COMPANY OF OGRES - A Lee Martinez, fantasy, MPB

BLACK WINGS: Black Wings Book One - Christina Henry, UF, MPB

BONE HUNTER: Em Hansen #5 - Sarah Andrews, forensic mystery, MPB

DO UNTO OTHERS: Jordan Poteet Mystery #1 - Jeff Abbott, amateur sleuth, MPB

A KISS GONE BAD: Judge Whit Mosley #1 - Jeff Abbott, suspense, MPB (for Dad)

BLACK JACK POINT: Judge Whit Mosley #2 - Jeff Abbott, suspense, MPB (for Dad)


Mary said...

"Yeah, ok, honey" - made me LOL :D
Enjoy your new books!

Becky LeJeune said...

Holy moly! You did go on a bender. I see some familiar stuff in there -- looks like a great haul! And yeah, my husband can't say much about the books at this point since he's "discovered" that I read some good stuff. Now he comes to me for books. I think that means I'll still be responsible for packing and moving all of them every time, though.

Imzadi Dragonfly said...

Nice collection! I have Black Wings on my bookshelf. I need to look some of these titles up.

Seriously though, nice stash. :)

Your Book Enabler

Vickie said...

Mary: *grin* I loves him so and he hasn't much room to chitty chat about my books....I don't jump on him about his hunting schtuff, vast collection of Playboys since the very beginning of his subscription....

Becky: A lot of those books were seen on your lists. You book vixen you!

Jenna: *grin* Yeah, book enabler buddy! We enable each other, toots.

Aurian said...

What do you mean, by reading books you create room for more? Do you sell them / give them away afterwards? You know my blog, and I just keep buying and buying, The stacks just get higher and higher on my top shelves ...