09 August 2011

New Guilty Pleasure Show.....Hillybilly Handfishin' on Animal Planet

O...M..G! I have me a brand new guilty pleasure show!! Hillybilly Handfishin' on Animal Planet premiered on Sunday night. From Animal Planet / Hillbilly Handfishin' site :

"Led by Oklahoma hand-fishermen and self-proclaimed hillbillies Skipper Bivins and Trent Jackson, get a taste of the redneck lifestyle by going through the paces of noodling catfish in Hillbilly Handfishin'. Think you're cut out for Noodling?...."

The show is on Sunday nights at 9pm (I guess Eastern). We caught it last night flippin' through the channels at work. I asked if we could take a look at the show with the highly intriguing title. I believe Bravo Crew is hooked (for lack of a better, less punny term).

Skipper and Trent lead three or four teams of two peeps each from all over the country and teach them to noodle a catfish. This means getting in muddy bodies of water and sticking your hand into holes in the mud and see who catches the biggest catfish with their bare hands (or foot as the case may be)

The show we watched had a team of two Chicago cops, two women with big breastesses in tank tops, and a brother and sister team. Lots of squeals about bugs and mud and snakes and mud.

TOO MUCH FUN! Next Sunday's show "Catfish are Wicked Cute".


Aurian said...

Lol, even though I like some fishing my self, this is so not something I would be trying. And of course, I don't believe those things live in Holland.

Thoughts of Joy said...

LOL! Mr. Joy was watching this (channel surfing) and another fishing show and kept calling me in to see whatever was so astounding. It wasn't of any interest to me, but he was pretty taken by it. Glad you like it, too. :)

Vickie said...

Aurian: I am pretty sure I won't be signing up, I can't even take a catfish off the hook. I always made someone else to do it. Other fish are fine, just not catfish. Those whiskers freak me out.

Joy: *grin* I may have been comparing the show as a shiny alternative to what had been showing (Tru TV...blech). The 'frat boys' on my crew love that channel and I was so glad to see something better show up on the channel guide.
It is a fun show, though.

Thoughts of Joy said...

That makes perfect sense, Vickie!

When I was telling Mr. Joy about this post, I was trying to explain to him who you were and realized that we have known each other through the internet for approximately 10 years!!!!!! Did you know that?!? It could be a little under 10, 9 or 8 maybe? But - wow!!! I was on the WW site for 5 years and just celebrated my 5th blogiversary, so that's how I got 10.

Vickie said...

Joy: I know! It's beyond cool.